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The Ethier Hearing Clinic Team in Timmins consists of a professional, knowledgeable, helpful, dedicated and friendly group. We all share a common goal, that of improving our clients’ hearing health as well as keeping them extremely satisfied. We are known for our compassionate and human approach as well as for taking the time to appropriately assess and manage our clients’ needs. 
We offer a diverse array of sub-specialties in Audiology.

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Headshot of Manon Ethier

Manon Ethier, M.Sc(A), Aud(C), Owner

Education: University of Ottawa – Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences University of Ottawa – Master of Health Sciences in Audiology (1999)

Manon started her career in Ottawa, Ontario, working both in a hospital (Ottawa Hospital) and private clinical setting, and closely with Ears-Nose & Throat Specialists (ENTs). She moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia for five years to continue to practice audiology in a private setting, which included travel to the North Eastern part of the province, before moving to Timmins, Ontario, to establish the Ethier Hearing Clinic. Manon enjoys working with patients of all ages, especially the elderly. Her main areas of expertise and interest include innovative hearing aid technology, community outreach, marketing and business. Manon thrives on incorporating new approaches and protocols in her practice in order to increase client benefit and satisfaction. She enjoys making a difference in people’s lives and giving them the gift of hearing! Manon is very dedicated to her patients’ well-being.

Headshot of Mark Gulliver

Mark Gulliver, M.Sc., Aud(C)

Education: Dalhousie University – Master of Science in Human Communication Disorders – Audiology (1983)

Mark joined the Ethier Hearing Clinic Team in May of 2017. He brings a lot of expertise to the Clinic, due to a fulfilling career working as a diagnostic audiologist at the Nova Hearing & Speech Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mark worked very closely with ENT Specialists, and supervised audiology students as well as medical residents. Mark specializes in tinnitus, sound sensitivity, misophonia as well as bone-anchored hearing systems. He is now enjoying private practice and has developed an affinity for cutting-edge hearing aid technology. He strives on keeping up with current information and trends in the industry. Mark is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

Headshot of Mark Gulliver

Tracey Kyei, M.Sc.

Education: York University – B.Sc., Kinesiology and Health Science & Dalhousie University – M.Sc., Audiology (2020)

Tracey joined the Ethier Hearing Clinic Team in September of 2020. She brings a new graduate’s perspective of human communication sciences and disorders to the Clinic. She has both personal experience with hearing loss as well as clinical, through the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Tracey has worked with individuals from diverse age groups and backgrounds. In addition, she has extensive experience working with the pediatric population as well as Audiologists and Otolaryngologists to test and support children with a variety of medical histories and needs. Tracey is a very gentle and compassionate Audiologist, and strives to care for her patients to the best of her ability; her goal is to provide them with the hearing help they need to ensure proper quality of life. She is a definite asset to our Team!

We are so fortunate to also have an extraordinary and focused patient coordinators and administrative assistants team.

Administrative assistants:

  • Fran Tremblay
  • Lise Chartrand
  • Natalie Lavigne

Collaborative work:

  • Dr. Jean-Luc Ethier, MD FRCSC, ENT
  • Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery
Group picture of the Ethier Hearing Clinic team

Fran Tremblay

Fran has been a true pillar to the clinic. She has been part of our incredible journey since day 1! Fran is very dedicated, hard-working and is known for her knowledge in all areas of clinical practice. Fran is also known for going the extra mile to help out our clients in times of need.

Lise Chartrand

Lise is known for her warm smile, friendliness and human approach. Her nursing background is an asset to our clinic.

Natalie Lavigne

Natalie is an excellent team player and is known for her wittiness. She is extremely resourceful and dedicated.

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