Hearing services we provide

From hearing testing and assessments, to hearing aids and cutting-edge technologies, you will notice that on top of providing diverse services, the service model utilized is adapted to ongoing trends and audiology research for you, the population of Timmins and surrounding areas.

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Here is an overview of our services:

  • Hearing Assessments
  • Tinnitus
  • Cutting Edge Hearing Aid Technology
  • CAPD Testing
  • Remote Hearing Aid Fine-tuning Appointments
  • Bone Anchored Hearing Systems
  • Batteries
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing
  • Custom Earplugs (hearing protection, swimming, sleeping)
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Counselling
  • Financing available
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What to expect during your initial hearing appointment?

  • Hearing assessment

  • Detailed review of results

  • Customized treatment plan

  • Written report to be sent to referral source as required (upon consent)

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What to expect during your hearing aid selection appointment

  • Lifestyle discussion to identify your listening needs and requirements

  • Hearing aid options and technology discussion (see Hearing Aids Page for more details)

  • Budget discussion

  • Scheduling of trial period appointments (60-day trial)

We’re listening to your needs

  • Services are provided in French and in English
  • Clinic is wheelchair accessible
  • Assessments for every age group
  • Customized treatment plan

Here is a free online hearing test for you!

In just a few minutes, you can get an idea of how well you’re hearing
You need headphones for this test. Please be aware that this test is not a diagnostic clinical hearing evaluation and is not designed to replace a professional hearing test.
Free test
It only takes 3 minutes!

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